“The American Dream:” A Poem by Milo Wilson

“The American Dream”

I woke up today in the dark... 
Where other people's words were clouding my judgement... 
Where every mirror was either blacked out or shattered... 
To them my wounds don't matter as long as they can keep their stature... 

I couldn't feel my heart..beat
As I walk down the streets.. do I run if the 12 sees me.. Or would they just let me be.. 
I don't think they can see what I see cause the only one who can see what I see is me because I'm me. 
the color of my skin shouldn't confine me.. 

But you know what I-
I woke up today...  In the dark 
Red and blue lights flashin 
Hearing all the commotion, the screaming the yelling the bashing. 
It Got louder when... He pulled out the gun and... She yells out Cameron... 

I Woke Up Today In The Dark!!!Once More 
In a world where if you're darker than a paper bag you gotta sit in the back.. 
I woke up in a world where my younger self was afraid of being black.... 
I'm to scared to go out side just to chillax 
Cause people like spitting bullets instead of hearing facts.... 
I woke up in a world where it's people need protection for their protectors.. 
Is waking up in the dark an American dream, or is it a twisted reality of what it used to be. 

I woke up today, in the dark 
The dark being the truth behind the American Dream

About: Michelle “Milo” Wilson

Milo is 18 years old and has recently graduated from Building 21 High School. They are planning on going to Kutztown University in the fall in the liberal arts and sciences. They have been reading poetry and plays since they were six and started writing when they were eight. They have been an advocate for LGBTQ+ BIPOC youth in the Lehigh Valley. Their professional poetry career started when they wrote parts of the Basement Poetry’s production “OUT.” Milo is excited to share their work with the world. 

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