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We hope that Southsider readers will also become its writers, offering up their own unique commentary on the arts and cultural events in our community. If you attend arts events on the South Side, we invite you to write about your experiences and share them with Southsider.

Community Writers

If you are part of the South Side community, you might write a review of a theatrical performance, literary reading, or poetry slam. You could discuss a particular local painter and how his or her work inspires you. You might write about a visiting musician and the quality of his or her performance.

Local Artists

If you are an area artist, we would love to publish your reflections on your artistic process and recent work. Ideally, we hope that both artists and their audiences will use the website as a community space to promote upcoming events and share insights into the impact of aesthetic practices in the community.

Arts Organizations

If you work for a cultural or arts organization on the South Side, we hope that you will reach out to Southsider staff to let us know about your upcoming events. With your help, we can ensure that Southsider covers both large and smaller events and celebrates each unique organization’s contributions to the South Side.

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