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Southsider is a collaborative project between Lehigh University and the greater South Side community, involving a number of people in both staff and volunteer positions. If you’re interested in joining the Southsider team or learning more about how to write for us drop us a line at [email protected].

Mary Foltz

Mary Foltz

Mary Catherine Foltz teaches in the English Department, American Studies program, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program at Lehigh University. She is a scholar of contemporary U.S. literature with a particular focus on fictional representations of environmental crises and LGBTQ fiction and non-fiction. As the current Co-Director of the South Side Initiative (SSI), Foltz continues SSI’s long-term commitment to fostering democratic discussion of civic life by creating spaces to engage with the strengths and struggles of our communities. Southsider emerged from her desire to create a site that would celebrate local arts events and artists who work to create a unique identity for the South Side.
Mary Foltz

Adam Heidebrink-Bruno

Adam is a current MA student in Lehigh University's Literature and Social Justice program. He studies contemporary American literature and cultural productions, researching their relationship to the political economy. He also teaches first-year writing at Lehigh. As an advocate for the public and digital humanities, Adam works with the rest of the Southsider staff to make conversations of art and culture accessible to the broader Bethlehem community.

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Ava Bertone

Ava is a graduate student in Lehigh University's English Department. Originally from northern New Jersey, she is intrigued by Bethlehem's rich history and its cultural significance. Ava is a managing editor for the site, mainly editing for the Literary Arts and Theater & Film sections.
Eric MacDougall

Eric MacDougall

Eric MacDougall is an undergraduate junior at Lehigh majoring in English and Cognitive Science and minoring in Philosophy. Eric is an avid cinephile and has found great joy in reviewing films and calling it 'work.' Besides this he also does psychology research on linguistic relativism and edits fiction for Lehigh's literary journal Amaranth. Eric is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and will repeat this fact whenever somebody complains about snow in Bethlehem.
Eric MacDougall

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Ally Kornberger

Ally is an undergraduate senior majoring in English and minoring in Marketing and Sustainable Development. She is interested in how art influences environmental policy and urban development. Ally is currently a member of Lehigh's Engineers Without Borders chapter, focusing her efforts on the sustainability of projects in South Bethlehem.

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    Susie Poore

    Susie is an undergraduate sophomore at Lehigh and majoring in both English and Political Science. Being from New Hampshire, she’s grown up in New England’s vibrant arts scene and come to appreciate all the variety it has to offer. She’s excited to explore the growing arts community in the Southside as she pursues her goal of becoming an author.

    Amira Shokr

    Amira is a Lehigh English major and film minor, with a concentration in creative writing. She enjoys movies and theater and loves any page to screen adaptation, but also original screenplays which she tries to create herself. Amira loves to find more art to discover, especially not as well known artists who are up and coming.

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