Artist Collective Spotlight: Katie Hovencamp

A dynamic group of artists from across the country comprise the ArtsQuest’s Artist Collective, a resource of creative, networking, professional development, and career opportunities for visual artists. Katie Hovencamp is one of these multi-talented artists. An internationally recognized artist, Hovencamp explores the deconstruction of gender roles and interrogates social expectations of femininity through sculpture and performance art. She recently completed a six-month artist residency at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, New Jersey, and her efforts culminated in the two-person exhibition Her:Here in April. Hovencamp also teaches at Keystone College where she teaches students the value of expression, critique, and growth through art. She works with her students to develop a critical eye and encourages them to challenge the arbitrary boundaries of more traditional art forms.

Her:Here Installation shot
Her:Here Installation shot, 2017, aluminum, cast metal, and fabric. Photo credit: Anna Margush.

For many years, Hovencamp was interested in the Lehigh Valley art scene. She’s local, so she began wondering why she wasn’t more involved in the community. In January, she joined the Artist Collective in order to align her work with where she resides. “Joining the collective was a way to anchor myself in the community I live in,” she said. Hovencamp also noted that the Lehigh Valley is a particularly “rich territory” due to its location between Philadelphia and New York City. According to Hovencamp, the Artist Collective allows her to “connect with [her] homebase and provides access to the community.” Hovencamp noted that she was excited for all of the opportunities that the Artist Collective offers. As of now, the Artist Collective and ArtsQuest have helped her find employment opportunities. She also served as our Summer Art Camp Supervisor this year. Hovencamp has also applied for a studio at the Banana Factory Arts Center and is looking to become even more involved in Bethlehem’s creative community.

“Cinch,” 2016, Pen and Ink.

Looking forward, Hovencamp wants to continue challenging herself as a professor and an artist; currently, she is learning 3D printing to see how it can inform her pedagogy as well as her own artwork. Hovencamp is thinking about how new technologies can strengthen her art by working with the themes that interest her, such as “understanding women’s roles, where they stand now in society. There’s a lot of rich material there.” One of her goals is to be exhibited in the Allentown Art Museum since she grew up around the area.


Hovencamp saw the Artist Collective as “an important opportunity to be a part of” with regard to its plentiful benefits. A selection of Hovencamp’s work is currently on display in a pop-up gallery in the 24 East Bistro storefront on Third Street, an exhibition for which she credits the Collective. She also indicated the importance of writing, a skill not often honed by artists as they pursue other mediums. The Artist Collective recently offered a free grant writing workshop for artists. Upcoming workshops include Photoshop for Artists: Resizing Images and a private tour of the NCC FabLab Facilities, the latter reserved for Artist Collective members only. Finally, the fall brings the InVision Photo-Based Art Juried Exhibition. As you can see, the Artist Collective fills a gap for artists with valuable resources and opportunities. 

Pop-up Exhibition at 24 East Bistro. Photo credit: Sam Sorensen

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Feature image: Her:Here Installation detail shot, 2017, aluminum, cast metal, and fabric. Photo credit: Anna Margush.

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