Beer and Brush Highlights The South Side’s Craft Beer Scene

On Sunday, February 17th, Color Me Mine and Seven Sirens Brewing Company hosted a Beer and Brush Night for the South Side’s 2nd Annual Cocktails & Craft Beer Week. The celebration consisted of events centered around the South Side’s assortment of cocktails and craft beer. Various restaurants and bars on the South Side hosted different events from February 16-23. The South Side’s exciting craft beer scene is starting to make a name for itself, especially with the anticipated addition of Seven Sirens Brewing this upcoming summer. The veteran-owned brewery plans to have multiple levels and a rooftop Biergarten, as well as live music, outdoor seating areas, and food trucks. While at the Beer and Brush Night, I conversed with the Seven Sirens brew crew, made up of Jordan Serulneck, Joshua Divers, and Aaron Nelson. Their passion for brewing is evident in the taste of their brews. Seven Sirens brought their “West Coast IPA” and their “German Pale Ale” to the event for attendees to sip on. Both brews are incredibly smooth and distinctly flavorful. In addition, the brewery also has various flagship brews, such as their  “BrownSea Aleland,” and “Mainsail.” Seven Sirens sources the ingredients for their brews from local organic farmers.

The company deeply values its partnerships within the community and intends to play an integral role in merging the South Side’s craft beer scene with its vibrant arts culture. For Jordan, Joshua, and Aaron, their business is about more than just brewing delicious beer. The brew crew’s goal is to create experiences for their customers that extend beyond the walls of their brewery. Connecting members of the community together is at the heart of their mission. Events such as the Beer and Brush Night are just the start of Seven Sirens’ growing partnerships with other South Side businesses and organizations. The brew crew sees the business becoming an essential partner on the South Side. During my conversation with the team, I was incredibly impressed with its interest in the South Side’s arts culture and revitalization. I envision the brewery as a space that will bring Lehigh students, the Bethlehem community, and people visiting the South Side, together.

Beer and Brush Night
Photo credits: Ally Kornberger

This sense of unity and togetherness is also inherent in Color Me Mine’s mission. Grace Gifford-Miller, Color Me Mine’s Community Relations Manager, spoke with me about the role the business plays in the community. She stated, “Color Me Mine’s role on the South Side is to bring art to the people. We believe that art is for everyone. Color Me Mine gives you the ability to come here and express yourself.” When inside Color Me Mine, the outside world seems to disappear. It is a place where we can escape the stress of our busy lives and create something meaningful. I revealed to Grace that every time I walk into a Color Me Mine, I am overcome with a sense of nostalgia. I think of the ceramic dolphin that I created when I was seven. For Grace, it’s a pink ballet slipper. Built into these ceramics are memories. The pink ballet slipper reminds Grace of the weekends she spent with her dad painting pottery. While working at Color Me Mine, she often thinks back to those experiences and reflects on how special they were. The best part about her job is being able to give that gift to other people.

While one may initially assume that a ceramic studio and a brewery would be unlikely partners, the Beer and Brush Night emphasized the appeal of combining brews and art. Both Grace and the Seven Sirens’ crew team expressed their excitement about their newly developed partnership, mentioning that Missy Hartney of the South Side Art’s District played a role in connecting the two businesses. Both businesses will continue to work hand-in-hand with Missy to plan future events on the South Side. In the past, Color Me Mine has found it difficult to reach older demographics, especially people between the ages of twenty-one and thirty. Events like this provide the opportunity for people to unwind and come together with friends over drinks and art.

Lehigh student Olivia Barz enjoying the Beer and Brush Night
Photo credits: Ally Kornberger

One of the event’s attendees, Olivia Barz stated, “It’s really great to see collaborative events like this on the South Side to bring the community closer together. It was also a really great way to meet some of the people from Seven Sirens before they open up down the street from me. I think events like this really create a more dynamic and cohesive community and introduce people to new things they wouldn’t normally experience.” Olivia’s words beautifully articulate both the spirit of the event and the businesses’ missions to bring the community together and provide people with lasting experiences. There is no doubt that as the South Side’s arts culture and craft beer scene continue to blossom together, businesses like Color Me Mine and Seven Sirens Brewing will remain vital partners in the community.

Feature photo credits: Ally Kornberger

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