“RYDA”: A Poem by LindoYes!

“RYDA” Spoken Word Performance

“RYDA” Lyrics

I’m Rydin,
I’m Rydin,
I’m Rydin,
I’m Ghost
Where I’m going?
No one knows
I’m Rydin,
I’m Rydin,
I’m Rydin,
I’m Ghost
Where I’m going?
No one knows
I’m Rydin,
I’m Rydin,
I’m Rydin,
I’m Ghost
Where I’m going?
No one knows
No one knows
They label us lost
Say we need a moral compass
‘Cause they think of us as
Well I think
We have more directions
Than instruction manuals
Rydin on these cycles
Tryna break cycles
Ain’t it interesting how
One wheel
Can defy the laws of gravity
And that’s the definition of a wheelie
And I was outside
Getting it
Wit my homies
Until my homie
Dared me to experience all my
Black joy like
“Yo, that nigga ain’t gon do it”
And then I did
One hand on the handlebar
One wheel up
Middle finger to
All the gentrification
Cop chasing behind me like
“You can’t ride on the sidewalk”
I turn back to say
“Fuck you”
And then I did
Experiencing all my black joy
Down these North Philly Streets
Until I feel like
Eric Garner
Cause I can’t breathe
I almost collapse on those streets
My homie holds me up by his shoulder
I’m grabbing for my chest
I’m hearing people behind me
Yell at the officer
‘Cause he had his gun out
I’m wheezing
I’m grabbing for my pocket
To grab my inhaler
I can’t breathe
A black life is lost
not to police violence
And the climate crisis we are in

About LindoYes!

LindoYes is a Def Jam poet, spoken word artist, actor, and emcee born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. His work takes the beat of the city streets and transforms it from a sunrise to a starry throne. Paying homage to the wordsmiths that surround and inspire him daily, he embodies their character and champions their unique stories to audiences of all varieties. Seeking to create larger conversations with his art, LindoYes addresses the constructs of love, gender identity, and social injustice. LindoYes talents have allowed him to travel across the east coast featuring at various colleges such as Bucknell University, Haverford College, Ursinus College, Drexel University, Lincoln University, Community College of Philadelphia and Cheney University of Pennsylvania to name a few. He has also been a featured performer at venues such as BusBoys and Poets and SpitDat in DC and Virginia, The Drunken Retort in Michigan, and Urban Grind, Apache Cafe and Do You Lyrics Lounge in Atlanta. When LindoYes is not performing he operates on the organizational team for local Philadelphia open mic; Breedlove and the Freedom Party. He also works as a teaching artist helping youth express themselves through the mediums of creative writing, visual art and performing art linked to activism. They have taught at the following organizations ArtWell, EducationWorks, and Congreso. He has also done advocacy work with SoulsShot, Refuse Fascism Philly, Sunrise Movement Philly, and Moms Demand Action PA. LINDOYES! Create images with words, taking audiences beyond their immediate experiences, he makes the world his canvas.

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