Basement Poetry Presents: “Unite” by Baby the Poet

Live Performance of “Unite”

Baby the Poet’s performance of “Unite” starts at 41:11.

“Unite” Lyrics

 I might make you 
Uncomfortable or feel away 
With some of the things
Ive chosen to put on display 
In my perspective as 
A 28 year young 
Latina woman 
I’ve learned that
Looking at
adversity In the face  
Is the only effective way 
To make change 
It’s like looking at
Yourself naked
 in the mirror 
Understanding that 
There are things you might 
Not like about yourself 
But that’s the point of healing
It’s seeing clearer 
All your imperfections 
And getting so 

By your mistakes 
you start 
To create 
A different mindset 
now you begin to
digest and process 
Information differently 
Understanding that this system 
Was never built for
The people like you and 
Me to succeed
Because everything 
 that was done 
Was always intentionally 
They Divided us by different 
Introduced Colorism
And put us in categories
Like dark skin field niggas
And light skin house slaves 
They planted and imbedded 
A different Kind of 
Form of self hate 
Made us turn 
On eachother 
As if Africans and Latinos
Don’t share the same pain
As if we didn’t share the same shackles 
And got taken to the same distant lands 
We got reprogrammed 
stripped from our 
Cultures and forced 
To believe other foreign 
While they stripped us of 
Our King & queens 
Our hafizahs and chiefs 
Said that God doesn’t 
Like stealing, envy, or murder
But they still keep killing our 
People and selling 
Our kin 
Isn’t that a sin ?
When will we realized 
That actually uniting 
With eachother is the 
Only way to win? 
Taking responsibility for ourselves 
And actually Putting the phone down 
When these cops start killing 
Our people 
And  finding The courage within 
To fight and properly 
Train our people 
How to handle weapons
Teach Financial literacy
so our young can experience 
And not being dependent 
On this system 

To give them some type of help
Cause if we unite and put
All our prides aside 
The minorities are them
Not you and I 
So when you ask me 
Who am I 
I am Baby the oldest 
Of three 
My fathers ache pours
Out of me 
My mother’s wisdom is what keeps me 
Meek and the reason for my 
Existence is for my ancestors 
To speak. 

About Baby the Poet:

Originally from Brooklyn, Baby the Poet is a spoken word artist that is dedicated to sharing her world views and truths to any audience she comes across. Through her rhyme schemes and edgy delivery she sheds light on topics such as society issues, self empowerment, self consciousness, lgbtq issues and love. Baby approaches each stage with humility and grace. Understanding that every moment is not promise, so she expresses her passions out for the world to see her gifts and experiences in the now.

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