Basement Poetry Presents: “Magical Melanin” by Zora Thomas

“Magical Melanin”

Oh yes I love this magical melanin on this skin. The way the moon creates pathways for the stars to shimmy down and around like a snake shedding. The deep dark prayers written upon this parchment that talks and screams. Oh yes, yes! I was walking down 6th street when a man drove by and yelled ‘You Black bitch!’ Before I could fashion my mouth and launch and insult my skin rose up in assault. ‘THAT’S MS. BLACK BITCH TO YOU!’ Then I danced down the street past holly and wave at dark brown children playing in puddles. As much as I wanted to huddle in with them and hide my skin began to chide Me. ‘Upon your skin is a love letter from the Gods. Unbroken.’ Ok? I can’t be angry if you couldn’t love me and yourself simultaneously. You have none to spare.

About Zora Thomas:

Zora Thomas hails from Harrisburg, PA and has been writing, singing, and painting all of her life. Using her experiences of being a queer Black transgender woman she uses her identities to delve into the complexities or life. Her observations are penned passionately in her first book with the intention of inspiring, challenging, and promoting growth through real life.

Her first published collection of poems are available on Amazon & Kindle: The Collection of Colors & Etc. 

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