Basement Poetry Presents: “Drag” by Kellie Donaldson


*inhale cigarette* 

She takes a drag 

Oh what a drag 
Oh What a drag 

This poor black girl 
aint even poor  
Shes just black 

She affords  
George Floyd  
the weight of the world 
On her back 

And oh aint it sad 
Aint it sad  
she Cant even bare 
To see her dad 

His black self hatred  
Ingrained in her nature 
Deep seeded  
And depleted their roots 
Poor black girl 
Her people wont see the truth 
If they can't string you up 
they'll just hand  
you the noose 

And when you say 
Its enough 
They just put 
You on the news 
Come out 
With your hands up 
Yeah You know  
how they do 

Another pull 
Another gasping for air 
She takes a drag 

Filling her lungs  
With black smoke 
With black fear 
With black tears 

Oh what a drag 
Oh what a drag 

Can we make it  
Till next year 

Can we make it  
Till next month 

Can we make it 
Till tonight 

This black girl 
Might have tears 
In her eyes 

But this girl came to fight

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