Looking Back At Lit Coffee Roastery’s 7th Annual Holiday Mart

Walk into Lit Coffee Roastery on any given Saturday morning and you’ll find a relaxed environment with fresh baked goods, excellent espresso, and eclectic decor. During the holiday season, patrons were treated to all this and a holiday mart featuring local vendors from illustrators and jewelry designers to candle makers and crocheters. Free and open to the public, the event was a great opportunity for creators to connect with customers looking to shop small for the holidays. Now that the holiday season has past, it’s vital we continue supporting these artists and small businesses, and maybe pick up a Mother’s Day gift in the process. 

Pictured: Sign for Lit Holiday Mart outside Lit Coffee Roastery 

Vendors at the event represented a range of styles and materials from the floral arrangements of Feel Good Floral to the delicious samples of Easton Wine Project. Emma Ryan, pictured below, creates paper goods for a variety of uses and occasions. Her folding picture frames are a unique way of displaying and storing photographs, while her hand-bound books would make great journals, diaries, or sketchbooks. Another independent artist at the event, illustrator Josh Lounsberry’s work features bold characters like the hooded skeleton below. He sold traditional prints as well as lighters and pins. Nearby, Alexis Hankerson represented her business, Cherry Lane Candle Co, where she hand-wicks and pours candles in small batches. 

Pictured: Emma Ryan, handmade paper artist and bookbinder.
Pictured: Illustrator Josh Lounsberry.

Pictured: Alexis Hankerson of Cherry Lane Candle Co. 

By The Maker is a Christian-inspired shop focusing on photography, metalworking, carpentry, and design. At the holiday market, their spread included stunning hand-made jewelry and nature prints. Philipsburg, New Jersey-based CaineCrafts sold a range of goods, including Christmas ornaments, engraved flasks, earrings, mugs, and beanies. Speaking of knit-wear, HelloFluff lived up to its name with a mountain of adorable crocheted animals, blankets, and scarves. 

Pictured: Lauren and Kayla of By the Maker

Pictured: Andrew of Caine Crafts. 

Pictured: Maria and Casandra of HelloFluff.

In addition to hosting vendors, Lit filled out the space with live music from Mike Lorenz and Alicia Kiah. They also had a merch table for the event with pieces from Forget Me Not Project, Crafty Carr, Mackenzie Alexander Hall, Tony Williams, Us & We Art, Mallory Zondag, Ed Courrier, Zoë Miller, Jenny Kuali, Luey Bee Studio, Godfrey Daniels, and Walter Heath. Additionally, the cafe displayed gallery work from Unearth Your Vibe, Art By Jenylin, Bryana Joy Studio, Lina White, and Linda Ganus


As you look to purchase gifts for Easter, the upcoming graduation season, or celebrations of parents, keep these local makers on your radar. 

Pictured: Mike Lorenz, musician

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