Basement Poetry Presents: “American Roots” by Trevor Harewood

“American Roots”

I don’t know what to say anymore. Half of America is literally fighting to hold on to racism. And half of that bunch are just fighting out of sheer ignorance. Unwilling to make changes because they don’t see whats wrong. Every thread on my fade is just filled with arguments. People aren’t even willing to talk it out, just, “no fuck you, America is fine the way it is.” I can’t get behind that message. And i have no ill will towards you if you do because that hatred was built into you by your grandparent’s grandparents. You just think you’ve been taught whats best. And now its so deeply rooted in our history, I honestly don’t believe you can rid this country of racism. Its was born in the blood of natives & build by the hands of slaves and too many of you are either damn proud of it or too uncomfortable to acknowledge it. Unwilling to accept that our history is the very problem with this country. America was never great, & people dare say make it great again.. while we fight to end the hatred, half the country is holding on to it. No matter how many monuments of racist men we tear down, there are plenty willing to keep the memory of those men in their own heads & teach it to their children.

I get it, my attempts to show you the light are pointless. Because you either can’t see past your own ignorance, or you see nothing wrong with being racist. But if America ever decides she is ready for the conversation, ill be here waitin.

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