“Corporate America:” A Poem By Corey Riotz

Corporate America: Spoken Word Performance

Corporate America: Lyrics

This land is not a country it’s a corporation
That has been funded by the ignorance of Your frustration
Stuck in this whole without a ladder or rope 
As we go back n forth about that  lives has matter the most 
We’re all divided and I see no hope of closing this gap
So done with FB, every time I open this app 
It’s like here we go with this stuff again
Democrats Republicans
Conservatives and liberals 
Calling each other criminals
We’ve heard of Armageddon but now we’re getting a visual
Social engineering..indeed they’ve mastered this
Explain the video but only shows you half the clip
As we jump in the comments and we argue like fools
I must admit that this was one hell of a marketing tool
A spark with some fuel fire up emotions  that are full of triggers
until the hatred overflows and we start pulling triggers
Your phone recording when you think you speak in private
That’s why your seeing all these advertisements 
The whole nations getting violent 
They’re stocking up on weapons so you know it’s real
And if the bullet doesn’t kill you the corona will
Cuz like I said this land is not a country it’s a corporation 
Don’t matter who’s in office, we’re  gonna destroy the nation

About Corey Riotz

Corey Riotz is a spoken word artist who likes to use a mixture of vulnerability with raw content to create an overall message to those who are able to receive it.

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